If your cigarette would be from gold would you smoke it? 

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You choose the gold bar you want, check in how many days you can reach your goal, and we take care of the rest. For you, everything is extremely simple.


You start to save from the first day, the amount you choose, you see the progress daily and you can always top-up to reach your chosen goal faster.

Obtain your gold bar

Once you have reached the goal, by simply touching the order button, you receive the gold bar at home or at the adress you have chosen.

Do you want to improve your health and stop bad habits? Do you agree that in order to achieve big things you have to take small but steady steps? Do you care for your health and wellbeing of you and your family? And finally, do you enjoy holding in your hands gold bars belonging 100% to you? In zmAUkin we are convinced your answer is "yes!". That is why we are devoting all our efforts for you and all like-minded people to help you make it happen. Lets do it together!

The world around is changing rapidly in nearly all areas. But to change yourself and your habits remains a challenge. You can do it becoming part ...
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Renunta la vicii si economiseste

There are many people who would like to quit smoking, but they don't seem to find the motivation. Have you ever thought how about to be able turning smoke into gold? Actually in gold. In your own gold bar. And yes, you will breathe better:)


Excessive alcohol consumption has negative effects on each of us. Choose to drink occasionally, responsibly and give up what hurts you ! You will see the difference every day and not just in your account. It's so easy to enjoy the really precious things.


We live in a consumer-based society, which often translates into shopping and shopping behaviour. Choose to better analyze your purchases, buy moderate, and turn the difference into gold.

Other vices

We spend important amounts for some passing moments of pleasure, sometimes we just do it, without even being aware. Choose to be responsible, change your attitude and reduce those behaviors .You will feel more fullfiled, more balanced and you will have enough resources to transform them in gold with zmAUkin.

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Challenge yourself

The amount invested in any addiction simply disappears, with the first cigarette smoked, with the first glass drunk. Now you can keep the habit of spending a daily amount, but it stays with you. Become GOLD !

Your rules + minimum effort = GOLD

Set the daily amount you want to turn into gold .The daily value of a pack of cigarettes that you quit smoking, can bring you a gold bar in about a month. It is clear that a small but constant effort can bring you major satisfaction.

Save money on a daily basis - no effort

You set an amount that you want to save, and at the end of the chosen period you receive at home, your 24k gold bar. You can always top up to get the gold bar faster.

Improve your health

Basically with your new chosen behavior, you obtain two precious things : a state of well-being and gold o stare de bine si aur! Who doesn't want to be healthy and a little bit more richer?  

Save and obtain your gold bar

It's so simple ! Set up the amount you want to save daily, you can modify the goal, you can top up anytime a supplementary amount to speed up your achievement, you can save from one single vice (habit) or more. In any case all your savings will be transformed in gold. On top you have access to the evolution of your savings.

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Access to premium products

Because we also thought about the moments when you want to make a special gift or simply want to give yourself a "real treat" now you have access to various products: silver, gold, platinum and diamonds, which you can buy easily and you can order them at home. All products are certified and belong to prestigious international companies.


Shop online

Now you have the possibility to buy the desired product from the app in the online shop. Is safe, simple and fast. You see the product and the price, place order and receive it to the mentioned adress. All our products are the best quality granted by international producers. All the delivered products are insured, so basically your risk does not exist.  You save and buy in the most safest way.

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